In Lockstep to a Lifelong Lockdown

Amanda Brown
2 min readFeb 4, 2021

How pissed off do we have to become before we walk out and stop complying with their lockdowns? Are we now so used to the idea of government overreach that we’ve acquiesced for the sake of a ‘quiet life’? Did we and our predecessors come to Canada to live life in a free society? Yes we did.

If they told us one year ago we’d be locked down for a whole year, or 18 months, would we have protested? There would have been uproar, without a shadow of a doubt. Our governments are destroying free society in tiny steps: two weeks here, one month there, just another few weeks. We envision the end of the restrictions in our mind’s eye, the time arrives, then all we do is set another date forward again. Before we know it, lockdown will have been for the rest of our life…because not enough people are pushing back.

This, allegedly, is a pandemic of disease. They had us believe it would be of Biblical proportions. So now, fourteen months in, what exactly has us so terrified that we have decided to stop living life to the full? A virus with 99.8% cumulative survival rate is not a public health threat by any measure.

How many more funerals will we be OK not attending? How many visits to our parents in care homes are we OK to miss? — Some of us might already have touched, hugged, or kissed our parent for the last time and we don’t know it. And we trust our government to “allow” us to see them again soon. How many more months, or years, are we comfortable seeing our kids go to school only to have to wear a mask all day? — No community, no smiles, no expression, no humanity.

We’ve given our governments too much slack, already. We’re making excuses for them we shouldn’t.

The systematic improper and inappropriate use of the PCR test and the consequential massively inflated ‘case’ numbers is what’s driving this lockdown today in every country in the world where it’s used, even though the authorities have known for months, if not longer, that the data is flawed, data used to steal your free society from under your feet — a free society that you might never see again. When do we say “enough” and really mean it?

This 15-minute mini-documentary clearly explains why this PCR testing protocol has been one of the biggest policy errors of the medical and political establishment in living memory, and why we need to fix it right now.

It is far simpler to fight for your civil liberties before they’re all lost than it is to fight to get them back after they’re all gone. Has history taught us nothing?



Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown is a writer and copy editor living in Okotoks, Alta. She hails from London, England.